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Fire extinguisher cost

How much does a fire extinguisher cost?

Firstly it depends on which type of extinguisher you require, then who it is made by. It should have a British standard number on it, how ever its always best to "shop around"

Let us look at the two below as an example. (Information taken from sellers websites)

As far as can be seen these are the same type / size etc, of extinguisher.


The only major difference is who is selling them.  One is a an "auto factors" the other is a "builder suppliers"

We wrote and asked the the auto factors why theirs costs nearly twice as much, they have yet to reply.

In conclusion it does pay to shop around and if you buy an extinguisher from a dedicated company, we know you can get them even cheaper, but we don't get paid to advertise. (Prices correct at publication. November 2010.)

The "sad" thing is, due to the cost of manual labour, for a qualified technician to come to you, to test / discharge and recharge an extinguisher its often cheaper to buy a new one, since it will be delivered by a delivery company. That isn't to say you should not get your extinguishers serviced, just that after 5 years a new one may be cheaper.

As a point of interest you can buy a brand new 1kg dry ABC powder extinguisher for less than 20, but as I don't get paid to advertise.......

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